La Rosée was born of a sincere desire to offer honest products with complete transparency. Ultra-healthy not only for our skin but also for the planet. We care deeply about the world that we will leave our children; we believe that everyone must act responsibly in everything that they do.

We think that a cosmetic product can only be healthy if it is healthy at all levels. Therefore, from the formulation of our products right through to their distribution, our entire range has been conceived, designed and created to respect our skin and protect our environment.

Our commitment to the environment has been very strong right from the beginning, and our aim is to keep improving every day. The result is that we are constantly seeking out what will make us the most advanced brand in terms of eco-responsibility and green products.

For you, for us, for our babies and for the planet!



From the very start of the brand, we decided to avoid excessive packaging. Our packaging is simple, clear and transparent, showing that we have nothing to hide. Since our launch, we have saved 67 tonnes of packaging! 

We use recyclable packaging.

We introduced a major innovation at the end of 2019 by ensuring that all our tubes would be of vegetable origin, made from sugar cane, in this way reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Why sugar cane tubes? 

- Sugar cane is a renewable, easy to grow resource. No pesticides are required. The waste from production is reused as fertiliser.

- The cultivation of sugar cane is sustainable: very little irrigation is required and the crop has an exceptional yield, so not much land is needed 

- CO2 emissions are offset during manufacture: the sugar cane absorbs all the CO2 emitted.




To make sure your skin stays healthy, we have chosen natural active ingredients, known for their benefits and produced from sustainable agriculture. We have purged our formulations of controversial ingredients, keeping only the best!

We want to go even further in our approach and ban from our charter any ingredients that are harmful to the environment, such as silicones, PEG and mineral oils.

Our formulations are highly biodegradable: from 95% to 100%!




No disposal of packaging, we use it all up.

No surplus production.

In close coordination with our logistics specialist, we are implementing tangible actions to benefit the planet:

  • Packaging paper is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable and uses water-based ink.
  • Power is supplied by solar panels and an ecological geothermal heating system.
  • The carrying capacity of road transport is optimised to limit the number of journeys.

We have chosen delivery vehicles that are less polluting in terms of fine particle emissions.




We joined forces with the NGO Planète Urgence in July 2019, planting 5,000 trees in severely deforested areas of Indonesia, Madagascar and Cameroon. This initiative allows us to fight climate change (trees produce O2 and absorb CO2), encourage biodiversity and boost local economies.