Our Story

We are two pharmacists, Coline and Mahault, who are passionate about cosmetics and natural beauty.

Time and again, over the pharmacy counter, we met women and men who were looking for simpler, more genuine products, without any frills or extravagant promises that could not be kept. From this came our desire to create for them, as well as for ourselves, products that do not lie, products that are based on a single global promise: that they will optimally moisturise your skin day and night.



Our belief, and that of dermatologists, is that beautiful skin is well-hydrated skin!

That's why we created La Rosée essential care products in line with our ideal. Every product has an ultra-healthy formula using perfectly balanced natural active ingredients.

The fragrances are pleasant and light, and the textures customised to each skin type. You won't be able to live without La Rosée!

Our products have all been dermatologically tested in clinical studies that have highlighted their excellent performance and cosmetic acceptability as well as maximum tolerance for sensitive skin.

Our products are supplied in large containers offering an excellent quantity/price ratio. We want to smash the myth of pharmacy overpricing and allow everyone to buy quality products.

We intentionally don't use secondary packaging in order to protect the environment and keep the price as low as possible.

All products are made in France.

No products have been tested on animals.